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She is an independent spirit who is very loyal, passionate and strong but to others, she seems cold and detached. Virgo takes caution when it comes to showing her emotions because she doesn't want to experience pain. She's not easy to impress and she's a challenge to tame when it comes to someone trying to tie her down in a relationship. Virgo rules over Mercury along with her partner Gemini but she has a deep love for the beauty of Earth and occasionally visits the planet.


If her stomach is attacked then this will weaken Virgo's powers and expose her vulnerable side. She will then be easy to kill off.


Virgo can draw energy from the life on Earth in order to increase her strength when it comes to fighting other enemies.


Gemini, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces

meet the short dork

Hey there! I'm Chan-Chan Claire, it's a pleasure to meet to you! I am the main mascot for this DA page. Originally, I started out as a Sonic fc but now I have been transformed into a human! I hope you enjoy your stay here! My creator's a very busy person so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! See ya later!


is that me

:Chan-Chan Claire Page Doll by xMidnightWhispers

My birthday badge

→About Me? ♥Self-Taught Artist♥




Hi, I'm Channing.

♥ Computer Animation Major

♥ I create my own art style and characters.

♥ Main Focus: Digital and Traditional Art
♥ Other things I play with: Photography, Sculpting, Painting


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